Rialto cables committed to serve customers by providing them superior quality of all type of wires and cables with highest quality standard. By implementing theISO 9000:2008 quality management system and with the continuous effort to upgrade the quality we continuously try to reach our customers’ needs.

Here at rialto cables, we realize that the quality of our product is the future of our business. So, not only do we provide a large range of cables to international certifications and standards, such as HAR, BS UL, BASEC, CE, IEC and TÜV, but we also conduct our own in-house quality checks to ensure our cable meets the most stringent requirements.

The Quality management System, Quality Policy and objectives are reviewed annually by top management to ensure their suitability and to promote continuous performance improvement in all areas of the organization in providing error-free products that is safe, reliable, delivered on time and providing the best quality levels in the industry.

Strategic and quality objectives will be achieved by effectively communicating this policy throughout the business, by building sustainable and growing strategic business partnership with our customers and suppliers and by commitment and involvement of the total work force.


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